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Children are designed to be happy and healthy however it is becoming more and more common to see fussy, colicky babies, emotional dysregulation, chronically sick children, and sensory struggles, such as ADHD and autism. 

Chiropractic focuses on the central nervous system - the brain and the spinal cord. Every element of the body including breathing, movement, sleep, digestion, emotional control, and dealing with stress is controlled by the central nervous system. 

When young children go through an enormous amount of stress during pregnancy, the birth process, or later on in life, it causes the central nervous system to get stuck in a protective, fight or flight, sympathetic dominant, survival state. Getting stuck in this state limits our ability to heal, develop and grow. This is often when these altered health outcomes mentioned above set up shop. 

Chiropractic care works with the central nervous system to unwind the stressful patterns and allow the body to heal. At CFC we aim to grow healthy kids and allow them to thrive!


The prenatal period is the foundation and the pivotal experience that drives the baby and mother's health. There is nothing more important than a healthy pregnancy, labour and delivery.


At CFC we help pregnant mammas by allowing the most important system in their body to thrive - the central nervous system. Not only does this system control everything the body does, it also controls the growth and development of the baby! Chiropractic care is a crucial step to ensuring a thriving nervous system which leads to a happy, healthy pregnancy. 

Our care certainly does not end after your beautiful baby is born. We will be with you every step of the way in this next incredibly important period of your family's health to provide support to both mother and baby. 

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Most people associate chiropractic with headaches and back pain. However, it is so much more than that. Chiropractic is a natural health and wellness profession designed to help you and your family live your best life.

We help everyone in the family reach their health goals by looking at the intimate relationship between the spine and the nervous system. Your nervous system consists of your brain, spinal cord, and all the nerves. These nerves go to every inch of your body, helping you perform all the necessary functions in your day-to-day life. Your spine directly impacts how your nervous system functions, which is why chiropractors look to the spine to improve health and well-being.

Stress is an inevitable part of our everyday life, and sometimes it can get the better of us. When stress adds up, whether it's physical stress (posture, injuries, accidents), chemical stress (diet, medication), or emotional stress (family, friends, work), it negatively affects how the nervous system functions. When that happens, we tend to experience low energy, trouble sleeping or focusing, improper digestion, neck pain, lower back pain and headaches. 

At Chestermere Family Chiropractic, we cannot get rid of your everyday stressors, but we can help you deal and adapt to whatever life throws at you, allowing you to live your best life! Chiropractors check the spine for areas of dysfunction that are interfering with your nervous system. We clear this interference with a comfortable, safe and specific chiropractic adjustment allowing your body to heal and thrive. This is why no matter your age or current health status, a properly functioning spine and nervous system is vital to perform at your best and reach your health goals.

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