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The following steps outline our process for every individual client that starts care with us. It is important that we get to know your whole case history and evaluate it carefully alongside the INSiGHT neurological scans so we can create the perfect individual custom care plan before the first adjustment is performed. 

Insight neurological scans



Step one is the in-depth, deep dive into yours or your child's case history with one of our amazing chiropractors. In this process, we take the time to really understand what the goals are for you or your family and to find the root cause as to why you might be experiencing these challenges.


Step two is to perform our incredible INSiGHT neurological scans. These are three non-invasive sensory scans that evaluate how much stress is stuck in your nervous system. Each neurological scan looks at a different part of the central nervous system as well as dysautonomia and vagus nerve dysfunction.

Postural analysis and a spinal exam will also be performed during this visit.


Step three is for both chiropractors to get together and analyze all your results to create a customized care plan. This ensures you are able to reach your goals with chiropractic care. 

Manage my stress in Chestermere



At this appointment, we go through your Report of Findings. This means we review what we discovered during the initial visit. We are able to determine how much stress is stuck in your nervous system preventing you from optimal health and well-being.


Following the results, we outline the steps needed to reach your goals with a customized care plan.

During this time we answer all your questions so you have a full understanding of what chiropractic care can do for your family's health. 

We then deliver your first comfortable, safe, and specific Chiropractic adjustment!

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