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What Parents Say When Their Baby Starts Care

More sleep 💥

More poop💥

Better latch💥

Less spit up💥

Less crying💥

We love hearing results like these because not only have we helped your baby 👶 to feel more calm and happy but these results make a world of a difference for parents, whether you’re doing this for the first time or the fifth! 💥

Birth can be stressful for babies, whether there was birth intervention or not! Sometimes they get stuck, sometimes they come out too quick, sometimes there is pulling on the delicate areas of the head and neck - all of which activates your babies fight or flight response. Being put in survival mode at the very start of life can have a profound effect on kids. ❌

First step is checking how much stress is stuck on with our amazing neurological INSiGHT scans! Contact us to know more!

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