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Let’s talk about sleep 😴💤

How do you feel when you don’t get enough sleep? Unfocused, agitated and physically tired? 😖 Same goes for our kiddos! From the beginning of time we have known a tired kid is an emotional kid!

Getting an uninterrupted, full nights sleep starts our kids day off with their best foot forward. 🦶

Sleep affects mood ➡️ mood affects social interaction ➡️ school performance and self esteem. The benefits of a good nights sleep are limitless! 💥

Do you find your kid doesn’t sleep well?

Stress in the nervous system affect the kids ability to get a good nights sleep. 💤 In our office we track ✍️ how much stress is stuck in the nervous system. With every chiropractic adjustment we switch on the vagus nerve- also called our rest and digest nerve. This allows our kids to wind down and sleep like never before. 🔥

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