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 What to Expect with Your Chiropractic Care:

When scheduling your first visit, you should expect the following services:


1. First Visit

In order to properly address your health concerns and take into account past medical issues, our chiropractors will ask you to complete a medical history questionnaire. This will give us a clearer view of your health over the years, and it might give us clues as to why you may be experiencing problems with your spine or nervous system.


2. Thorough Examination

By utilizing specialized technology to perform a nervous system analysis, we can evaluate certain areas of interest including weight balance distribution, posture and range of motion. Also, you may be sent for an X-ray if needed.


3. Report of Findings

Before any treatment is administered, we want you to be fully informed of our findings from your examination and medical history. We will explain any treatments that we can provide to assist you, or if your problems involve another medical issue that is out of our scope of practice, we can refer you to an appropriate provider.


4. Treatment/Adjustment

Chiropractic adjustments can be administered over various lengths of time, depending on your situation. Typically, your goals will not be met after just one treatment. In certain circumstances, we may recommend supplementing your adjustments with exercise, massage or other strategies.


5. Education

For ongoing well-being, we do our best to educate you on how you can avoid having nervous system issues in the future.


6. Follow-Up Exams

Depending on your treatment schedule, we will schedule a follow-up exam. These appointments are meant to review your health goals, monitor your progress and make suggestions for adjusting your treatment schedule from pain management to corrective care to wellness/maintenance care.


Call or email us for Chiropractic Prices.



Massage Therapy (all prices include GST)

30 min. - $63.00

45 min. - $78.75

1 hr. - $94.50

90 min. - $136.50


Hot Stone Massage (all prices include GST)

60 min. - $110

90 min. - $150

Cupping for massage and acupuncture included in price



Exam with treatment - $90.00

Follow-up treatment 

60 min. - $90.00

45 min. - $75.00


45 min. - $67.50

60 min. - $81.00


Gift certificates are available for our chiropractic and massage services.

Direct billing is available for most major insurance companies for chiropractic, acupuncture, and massage therapy.

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